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Half Hourly Electricity

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Did you know that if you do not renew your half hourly electricity contract on time you could be paying up to 40% higher rates when your contract ends. It’s best practice to start looking for a new deal between six and eight weeks before your existing contract ends. This will ensure that you get the best possible prices.

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Norweb Energy are available to answer any questions that you may have about the half hourly electricity switching process or quotes that we can obtain on your behalf.

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So, what is a half hourly meter?

Just as the name suggests, a half-hour meter also known as a‘HH meter’, is an electricity meter designed to send accurate, up-to-date readings to your energy supplier at regular half hour intervals.

It is designed especially for business like yours. Half hourly electricity meters are connected to a phone line to automatically send these updates to your energy provider. You don’t have to worry about taking regular readings it’s all done for you.

These meters can provide a detailed breakdown of exactly how much energy you are using and when you are using it. This ensures that your business is in control and working as energy efficiently as possible.

Ok I understand.So does my business need a half hourly electricity meter?

If your businesshas a maximum demand of at least 100kW in any half hour period it is classed as a ‘high energy user’and you must have a half hourly meter fitted as standard.

The types of businesses that require half hourly meter charges are usually those that are more energy intensive such as department stores, manufacturing units and production assemblies.

Businesses also have the option to have a half hourly electricity meter installed if it has a maximum demand of 70kW or more in any given half hour time period.

If you think your business has a high energy demand, a half hourly meter could save you money. This is because the accuracy and consistency of the data supplied to your energy provider means that they can tailor half the hourly electricity prices specifically to your needs and usage.

Can I check if I have a half hourly electricity meter?

Yes, no problem. To check whether your business is using a half hourly meter, take a look at the ‘S’ number’ on a recent energy bill.

The ‘S’ number’ is shown as a small box containing six different numbers in a box, if the top left number reads ‘00’ this indicates that your business is on a half hourly meter.

Ok this makes sense, so how can I switch to a half hourly meter?

If you have a need to switch to a half hourly meter our Norweb Energy experts are on hand to talk through the process and find you the very best deal. You can give them a call on: 03301139576.

If your are already on a half hourly meter and you want to save money and switch provider, our business energy compare service is a really simple way to get a fantastic deal, just fill in the above form and submit it for a no hassle quote.

Our team will work closely with your business and the electricity suppliers to make sure you get the most competitive half hour electricity price currently available on the market.

Norweb Energylook after all aspects of the switch over or your renewal. You do not need to worry about any negotiations or paperwork we’ll handle all that and you can concentrate on the daytoday running of your business.

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