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Dust off that jumper and switch your energy supplier

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Dust off that jumper and switch your energy supplier

Fact: Switch your energy supplier and save money.

Fact: On average every household in the UK has 17 jumpers in the wardrobe at any one time.

Now the clocks have gone back and it’s getting colder, there’s a fair chance that a frosty chill is forming on your finances – now’s the time to switch your energy tariff.

You’re likely to be reaching to turn on the heating as temperatures fall, but when was the last time you switched energy deals? Even if the last time you switched was only last winter, now is the time to switch again, as many people are only on a one-year fix.

A recent survey conducted to mark Big Energy Saving Week suggested millions of households are paying more for their energy than they need to, because they mistakenly believe they’re on the cheapest tariff. Even if you have switched recently, it may be worth checking whether your old energy supplier still owes you some cash if you were in credit when you switched.

Think about this . . . if you can throw on another jumper or if you can stand to be a bit chillier lowering your thermostat by just 1C can potentially add up to savings of £90 to £100 per year.

BE SMART: Why not do a quick energy comparison here & now and see how much you can save. . You could buy another pile of jumpers with the money or treat yourself to a holiday in the sun. I know what I’d choose.

The Wet Fish’s top tips:

  • Loft insulation is one of the most effective ways to help contain heat and reduce energy costs. DIY loft insulation can cost between £50 and £350 depending on the amount of work required, but people on certain income related-benefits may qualify for free installation.
  • A home can lose about a third of its heat through uninsulated walls. An estimated £290 a year could be saved with wall insulation. Insulating hot water pipes with foam insulation sleeves can save energy by cutting the need to reheat water and preventing pipes from freezing. Fitting a cylinder jacket on the water tank can reduce heat loss and cut a household’s gas bill by around five per cent.
  • By filling gaps around windows, doors, pipes, loft hatches, and even keyholes and letterboxes, with draught-proofing supplies from local DIY stores, you’ll prevent warm air escaping. It’s a good idea to also ensure all doors and windows are closing properly and have the correct draft excluding strips fitted.

The potential saving from sealing floorboard gaps is estimated at up to £20 per year. Insulating under floorboards could save a household an estimated £80 per year. If radiators feel cold at the top and hot at the bottom, this could be a sign that your radiators need bleeding to let trapped air escape

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