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Business Gas and Electricity FAQs

Norweb Energy / Business Gas and Electricity FAQs

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Our Norweb Energy business experts make it easy for you to save on your gas and electricity needs. Switch with us and save anaverage £1250 per year on your business energy bills.

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* Figures based on 7,856contracts arranged in 2016 when compared to prices and/or renewal quotes of existing suppliers.

Do you have a question about our business energy switching service? Read our Frequently Asked Questions below and see if they can help.

Do you charge a fee for this service?

The comparison and switching service that we provide at Norweb Energyis absolutely free.

When and how often are the prices updated?

The energy prices shown on the Norweb Energy website are updated as soon as we are notified of any changes by the supplier. Some companiessupply prices which can remain unchanged for months, whilst others change daily. As soon as we receive the updated prices they are published on the site so that you can be confident that the tariffs shown are the ones you will be charged by your supplier.

So who is my contract with?

The contract for your energy is between you and the supplier.

How do I know who currently supplies my energy?

If you’re unsure who supplies your business gas or electricity locate a recent bill or speak to the previous occupier of your business premises. If this proves to be a problem or do not know who supplies energy to your business you can call Xoserve (for business gas) on 0845 601 3049. To find out who supplies your electricity please see the table below.

How long can it take to switch business energy suppliers?

It takes an average of four to six weeks to switch suppliers. However there are variables that can affect this, for example if you are in contract with another supplier, or if your new supplier does not have all the information they require to complete your switch.

My business may be relocating, what should I do?

Find out who currently supplies energy to your new property and then change the account to your business. When you have moved in, contact us and we will help you to search the business energy market for the best deal available which fits your business needs.

My MPAN (Electricity Meter Number) is not recognised. Why is this?

The MPAN numbers shown on your bill are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.If this affects you contact the distributor MPAS service for your area andthey will be able to confirm your accurate MPAN number:

Region Distribution Company MPAS Number
Eastern EDF Energy 0870 1963082
East Midlands Central Networks East 0845 6030618
London EDF Energy 0845 6000102
North Wales, Merseyside and parts of Shropshire SP Manweb 0845 2709101
West Midlands Central Networks 0845 6030618
North East Northern Electric Distribution 0800 111 4005
North West United Utilities Electricity 0870 7510093
North Scotland Scottish Hydro Power Distribution 0870 9009690
South Scotland SP Distribution 0845 2709101
South East Seeboard Power Networks 0845 6015467
Southern Southern Electric Power Distribution 0870 9050806
South Wales Western Power Distribution 0845 6015972
South West Western Power Distribution 0845 6015972
Yorkshire Yorkshire Electricity Distribution 0845 3300889

What are the new Ofgem regulations? Could you explain them.

Find out more about the new Ofgem regulations for business gas & electricity contracts

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